Local is available for projects of any size and scale, from single visit maintenance type work (ex. re-hang/adjust a sticking front entry door or install ducting for a newly purchased dryer), to small renovations or painting (ex. remove or add an interior wall and gyproc, mud/tape, prime and paint and install trim), to complete new building construction from start to finish.

Our Services

  • All general maintenance and upkeep of buildings
  • Design/build/renovate homes, outbuildings, decks and small spaces
  • Interior/Exterior commercial residential painting
  • Layout and build foundations and basements using Insulated Concrete Forms
  • Prep for concrete slabs including all rebar and hydronic lines
  • Frame-up and install floorsystems, post and beam, walls and stairs
  • Install trusses, strapping, sheeting, and steel roofing, gutters, and snowstops
  • Manage electrical, plumbing and HVAC subtrades
  • Install windows and doors
  • Insulate, vapour barrier, seal, air test, sheet, housewrap, and install exterior finishings
  • Install gypsum wallboard, mud/tape, finish
  • Install trim, doors, hardwood or tile flooring
  • Custom design, build and tile showers and large or small soaker style tubs
  • Install cabinetry and tiled, wood, concrete or granite countertops
  • Install appliances

Additional Services

  • Fabricate wood and/or metal furniture, art, and other installations
  • Rent tools and/or operator on a case by case scenario
  • Pack and move clients and their cargo with a 24’ covered cargo hauler and one ton dually pickup (furniture, tools, equipment, materials, cabinetry, art, etc. on short or long moves)


  • I am available to consult on any of the above as well as on energy efficiency upgrades/design and planning


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Local Design Build | Nelson, BC | 250-551-5474 | maxkarpinski@me.com